Short Course in International Negotiating, 5th Edition


Pub. Date: 2022
Pages: 184
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Planning and Conducting International Commercial Negotiations

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There is truth to the adage that “”you get what you negotiate.”” Yet most businesspeople, experts concerning their product or service, don’t take the time to learn basic negotiating skills. International Negotiatingprovides the foundation for successful international negotiations and describes the key skills businesspeople use to win at the negotiating table.

Chapter 1: The Role of the Chief Negotiator
Chapter 2: Choosing Your Team
Chapter 3: Controlling Negotiations
Chapter 4: Initiating Negotiations
Chapter 5: Face-To-Face
Chapter 6: The Function of Bias
Chapter 7: Site Selection
Chapter 8: The Agenda
Chapter 9: About Translators
Chapter 10: Negotiating Styles, Part 1
Chapter 11: Negotiating Styles, Part 2
Chapter 12: Planning to Win
Chapter 13: Countering Personal Strategies
Chapter 14: Countering Team Strategies
Chapter 15: Selecting Tactics
Chapter 16: Closing the Deal
Chapter 17: Reporting Results
Chapter 18: Commitment
Chapter 19: Strategic & Tactical Guidelines by Country
Chapter 20: Glossary
Chapter 21: Resources

Jeffrey Edmund Curry, MBA, Ph.D., is a trade professional with years of experience leading trade missions and negotiating joint ventures between China, Vietnam, Russia and the U.S. He has taught management development, international finance and economics at the university level in the U.S., Germany, Vietnam and France. Mr. Curry is the author of Passport Vietnam, Passport Taiwan, and A Short Course in International Marketing. Series Editor: Edward G. Hinkelman