Short Course in International Economics, 5th Edition


Pub. Date: 2022
Pages: 184
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Understanding the Dynamics of the Global Marketplace

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As barriers to trade have fallen, world commerce has soared, and along with it an interest in understanding the principles of international economics. This book provides readers with the key concepts, including: balance of trade, foreign exchange, currency valuation, free trade, protectionism, foreign investment, barriers to trade, and different economic systems.

Chapter 1: The Science of Economics
Chapter 2: Economic Systems
Chapter 3: Basic Principles: Microeconomics
Chapter 4: Basic Principles: Macroeconomics
Chapter 5: Governments
Chapter 6: Private Enterprise
Chapter 7: Labor
Chapter 8: International Trade
Chapter 9: International Trade Issues
Chapter 10: Growth and Development
Chapter 11: Global Investors
Chapter 12: Global Projections
Chapter 13: Glossary
Chapter 14: Resources

Jeffrey Edmund Curry, MBA, Ph.D., is a trade professional with years of experience leading trade missions and negotiating joint ventures between China, Vietnam, Russia and the U.S. He has taught management development, international finance and economics at the university level in the U.S., Germany, Vietnam and France. Mr. Curry is the author of Passport Vietnam, Passport Taiwan, and A Short Course in International Marketing. Series Editor: Edward G. Hinkelman