Passport Vietnam, 3rd Edition


Pub. Date: 2008
Pages: 96
Format: PDF Download
File Size: 4.25″X7″ (10.8X17.78cm)

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Your Pocket Guide to Vietnamese Business, Customs & Etiquette

This is the electronic version of this book. The PDF can be downloaded immediately after purchase.

Passport Vietnam contains detailed information about Vietnamese business practices, negotiating styles, customs, etiquette, government, view of foreigners, and much more.

Success in international business is not just about your product and service or your terms and delivery schedule.

Success in international business is about people, traditions and relationships.

Passport VIETNAM will help you:

  • Avoid cultural faux pas
  • Learn about Vietnamese values and beliefs
  • Understand the reasons behind the actions
  • Develop an effective negotiating style

Don’t leave without your Passport!

Chapter 1: Doing Business Across Cultures
Vietnam Quick Look
Chapter 2: Country Facts
Chapter 3: The Vietnamese
Chapter 4: Cultural Stereotypes
Chapter 5: Regional Differences
Business Environment
Chapter 6: Government & Business
Chapter 7: The Work Environment
Chapter 8: Women in Business
Chapter 9: Making Connections
Chapter 10: Strategies for Success
Chapter 11: Time
Chapter 12: Business Meetings
Chapter 13: Negotiating with the Vietnamese
Chapter 14: Business Outside the Law
Customs & Etiquette
Chapter 15: Names & Greetings
Chapter 16: Communication Styles
Chapter 17: Customs
Chapter 18: Dress & Appearance
Chapter 19: Reading the Vietnamese
Chapter 20: Entertaining
Chapter 21: Socializing
Additional Information
Chapter 22: Basic Vietnamese Phrases
Chapter 23: Correspondence
Chapter 24: Useful Telephone Numbers
Chapter 25: Books & Internet Addresses

Jeffrey Curry operates VIEN, a San Francisco-based research and analysis firm specializing in Asian investments. He has worked on a wide range of commercial projects in Vietnam and publishes a weekly report on Asian emerging markets. He has taught graduate-level courses at the Dominican University in California, served as department head of the Economics department at a university in Germany, and is presently a business professor at Audencia Nantes Ecole de Management in France.

“Jim” Chinh T. Nguyen is the International Business Coordinator of the San Francisco Mayor’s Office of Commerce and Trade. He has negotiated business in Vietnam at both the ministerial and prime ministerial levels. Mr. Nguyen has been living in the United States since 1980.

Series Editor: Barbara Szerlip