International Business Plans 3rd Edition


Pub. Date: 2008
Pages: 186
Format: Softcover

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Charting a Strategy for Success in Global Commerce

A Short Course in International Business Plans provides a step-by-step process for developing and writing a dynamic business plan that will serve you, your business, and your financial backers.

A good business plan is both a statement of where you’re going and how you will get there.

Table of Contents
Chapter 1: Why Write an International Business Plan?
Chapter 2: Basic Plan Elements and Variations
Chapter 3: Building a Plan: Fundamental Issues
Chapter 4: Building a Plan: Global Expansion Issues
Chapter 5: Assembling the Working Group
Chapter 6: Plan Section 1: Introduction
Chapter 7: Plan Section 2: Company Background and Description
Chapter 8: Plan Section 3: Products and Services
Chapter 9: Plan Section 4: Manufacturing or Methodology
Chapter 10: Plan Section 5: Marketing
Chapter 11: Plan Section 6: Management and Organizational Structure
Chapter 12: Plan Section 7: Human Resources
Chapter 13: Plan Section 8: Special Topics
Chapter 14: Plan Section 9: Financial Information
Chapter 15: Business Plan Drafting Worksheet
Chapter 16: Sample Plan #1: Software Company
Chapter 17: Sample Plan #2: Technology Manufacturer
Chapter 18: Sample Plan #3: Goods & Services Retailer
Chapter 19: Sample Non-Disclosure Agreement
Chapter 20: Sample Financial Statements
Chapter 21: Sample Cover Page and Legends
Chapter 22: Glossary
Chapter 23: Resources

Authors: Robert L. Brown and Alan S. Gutterman

Series Editor: Edward G. Hinkelman

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