Importers Manual, 4th Edition

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Pub. Date: 2003
Pages: 960
Format: Hardcover
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Your own one-stop-shop for importing information.

The Importers Manual USA...

  • Saves you time because you will find your answer in one spot and won’t waste time scouring a large number of sources for information.
  • Gives you a look at samples of actual importing documents so that you have first hand knowledge of real-world importing.
  • Is used by professional and beginning importers alike — bankers and attorneys, foreign exporters to the U.S. and trade missions worldwide all rely heavily on this publication.
  • Eliminates confusion about importing practices and procedures.
  • Is the most comprehensive single-source reference in existence for importing into the U.S.


Importers Manual USA, 4th Edition

The Single Source Reference Encyclopedia for Importing to the United States

Importers Manual USA is the most comprehensive reference available for importing to the United States. It is used by U.S. importers, foreign exporters, attorneys, bankers, and trade missions around the world. This authoritative 960-page reference is as indispensable to established corporate importers as it is to those just getting into the business. Here is just some of what you will find:

73 Info-Lists about Importing
How import operations succeed and fail, finding sources, negotiating contracts, buying trips, your relationship with your suppliers, and much more.

Commodity Index
Commodity-by-commodity how-to import. Based on the 99 chapters of the Harmonized Tariff Schedule of the US. From feathers to nuclear reactors, it’s all here!

U.S. Customs Entry and Clearance
Detailed explanation of U.S. Customs entry and clearance, including coverage of classification, valuation, foreign trade zones, and much more.

Import Documentation
Details the specific procedures and documentation requirements for Formal, Informal, Mail, TIB, Warehouse and other forms of Customs entry.

Packing, Shipping, and Insurance
The world’s most authoritative guides to ocean freight containers and container packing by Hapag-Lloyd Shipping Lines.

Legal Considerations of Importing
Describes the legal issues of doing business internationally, when you need a contract, conflict resolution and arbitration, and more.

International Banking
Describes international banking services available to the importer, foreign exchange, and the four options for making international payments. Step-by-step illustrated guides to documentary credits (letters of credit) and documentary collections.

Contributors include: Swiss Bank Corporation, Hapag-Lloyd Shipping Lines, the Insurance Company of North America and the Law Offices of George R. Tuttle (Customs lawyers). In addition, more than 30 U.S. Government agencies, 40 U.S. Customs commodity specialists, and 100 foreign country trade missions gave their assistance.


  • Introduction
  • Chap. 1: InfoLists
  • Chap. 2: International Law
  • Chap 3: International Banking
  • Chap 4: U.S. Customs Entry and Clearance
  • Chap 5: Entry Procedures and Documentation
  • Chap 6: Packing, Shipping, Insurance
  • Chap 7: Commodity Index
  • Chap 8: Index


Edward Hinkelman is an international economist with more than 20 years experience as an importer and exporter. He is the author of four books on international trade, including the Importers Manual USA, International Payments, and International Trade Documentation.

Research editors and staff include: James L. Nolan, Ph.D., Karla Shippey, J.D., Alexandra Woznick with assistance from the United States Customs Service, Chansonette Buck Wedemeyer, George R. Tuttle, Sr., Esq., Dale O. Torrence, Esq., Swiss Bank Corp., Hapag Llyod Shipping Lines, Intl. Chamber of Commerce, Insurance Company of North America, U.S. Dept. of Commerce, the American Association of Exporters and Importers, and the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture.

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