Illustrated Guide to Trade Documentation


Pub. Date: 1994-2001-2006-2007
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Professional Industry Report

International Trade Documentation
International trade documentation is essential to international trade transactions. Documents provide buyers and sellers with an accounting record; shipping and logistics firms with instructions of what to do with freight; countries of export and import with regulatory compliance, census and taxation information; and banks with instructions and accounting tools for collecting and disbursing payments.

Illustrated Guide to International Trade Documentation

The World Trade Press “Illustrated Guide to International Trade Documentation” is an industry standard professional report detailing documentation requirements for international trade transactions involving the export and import of goods. There are more than 240,000 copies of this guide in print worldwide, in seven updated editions over the past 14 years, and eight foreign language translations.

The World Trade Press “Illustrated Guide to International Trade Documentation” covers all key trade documents used in international trade, including those required for sale/purchase transaction, export, transport, inspection, insurance, regulatory compliance, banking/payment and import procedures. Twelve key documents are profiled. For each document there is a full-page sample document, document definition, key elements description, and cautions and notes listing. Introductory pages detail how documents are used in transactions, transport, banking and export/import procedures.

Illustrated Guide to International Trade Documentation
Table of Contents

  1. Overview of trade document categories:
    a) Transaction Documents
    b) Export Documents
    c) Transport Documents
    d) Inspection Documents
    e) Insurance Documents
    f) Banking and Payment Documents
    g) Import Documents
  2. Sample Documents Section
    a) Document Definition
    b) Key Elements
    c) Cautions and Notes
    d) Sample Document

Documents Covered in this Report

  1. Commercial Invoice
  2. Marine/Ocean/Port-to-Port Bill of Lading
  3. Non-Negotiable Sea Waybill
  4. Multimodal (Combined) Transport Document
  5. Air Transport Document (Air Waybill)
  6. Insurance Document (Insurance Certificate)
  7. Certificate of Origin
  8. Inspection Certificate
  9. Regional Trade Pact Import/Export Declaration (European Community C-88)
  10. Shipper’s Export Declaration (SED) Form 7525-V
  11. Carnet (ATA Carnet)
  12. Packing List

(Note: If you require sample banking documents specific to letter of credit transactions, we also recommend the “Illustrated Guide to Letters of Credit” report.)

Who Should Purchase This Report
The World Trade Press “Illustrated Guide to Trade Documentation” is a must-have for importers, exporters, logistics professionals, shipping lines, airlines, and international trucking firms. This guide is also helpful to international bankers, attorneys, trade associations, chambers of commerce, and students of international trade.


The World Trade Press “Illustrated Guide to Trade Documentation” was written by Edward G. Hinkelman, author of the industry standard Dictionary of International Trade, now in its 7th edition (240,000 copies in print).
Mr. Hinkelman is an international economist (Tufts University, University of Paris) with more than 30 years experience as an importer and exporter. He is also the author of three other reference books on international trade, including the Short Course in International Payments, the Short Course in International Trade Documentation, and Importers Manual USA (now in its 4th edition).  He has been a featured speaker at industry seminars and visiting lecturer at Tufts University, the University of California at Berkeley, the University of Michigan, and San Francisco State University.