Illustrated Guide to Ocean Freight Containers


Pub. Date: 1996-2000-2004-2007
Pages: 34
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Ocean Freight Containers
The use of ocean freight containers has revolutionized ocean shipping as well as intermodal (ocean, rail, truck) transport worldwide. As of 2007, more than 90 percent of international, non-bulk cargo is shipped in ocean freight containers. The benefits of containerization are many, but topping the list are decreased handling costs, speed of transport, reduced damage to goods shipped, and greater security.

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Illustrated Guide to Ocean Freight Containers
The World Trade Press “Illustrated Guide to Ocean Freight Containers” is a comprehensive guide to the most commonly used containers used in international shipping. This is the most comprehensive guide to ocean containers in the industry and, in several formats, has more than 240,000 copies in print.

In addition to an introduction to ocean freight containers, 21 container types and sizes are profiled. For each container there is a 3-D illustration of the container, a discussion of suitability of the container for specific goods, and full specifications (including variations, and door and ceiling openings).

Ocean Freight Containers Profiled

  1. General Purpose Container 20’
  2. General Purpose Container 24’
  3. General Purpose Container 40’
  4. High Cube General Purpose Container 20’
  5. High Cube General Purpose Container 40’
  6. Hardtop Container 20’
  7. Hardtop Container 40’
  8. Open Top Container 20’
  9. Open Top Container 40’
  10. Flat Container 20’
  11. Flat Container 40’
  12. Platform Container 20’
  13. Platform Container 40’
  14. Insulated Container 20’
  15. Insulated Container 40’
  16. Ventilated Container 40’
  17. Bulk Container 20’
  18. Refrigerated Container (Reefer) 20’
  19. Refrigerated Container 40’
  20. High Cube Refrigerated Container 40’
  21. Tank Container 20’

Container Handling Equipment
Also included in the World Trade Press “Illustrated Guide to Ocean Freight Containers” are illustrations, descriptions, characteristics, and capabilities of Ship-to-Shore Container Cranes, Straddle Carriers, and Container Reach Stackers.

Who Should Purchase This Report
The World Trade Press “Illustrated Guide to Ocean Freight Containers” is an invaluable resource for any individual and organization that ships or receives goods by ocean freight container. This includes importers, exporters, freight forwarders, sea, rail, highway and air carriers, foreign manufacturers, and freight consolidators.

Authors / Developers

The World Trade Press “Illustrated Guide to Ocean Freight Containers” is the product of contributions from a number of industry experts and organizations, written by Edward G. Hinkelman, the author of the industry standard Dictionary of International Trade, now in its 7th edition.
The container specifications came from the ISO (International Organization for Standardization) and several shipping lines and container manufacturers.
The container illustrations were drawn in 3-D modeling software.