AtoZ World Sports


Pub. Date: 2008
Pages: 410
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175 Countries: Individual Sports Participation, Private Sports Clubs, School Sports, Professional Sports, Major Spectator Sporting Events

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A to Z World Sports is an encyclopedia offering a comprehensive look at professional and recreational athletics in 175 countries worldwide. Extensive information on individual sports participation, private clubs, school sports, professional sports, spectator sporting events, and sports figures for each country demonstrates how athletics around the globe serve not only as a pastime, but also as a unifying force and a diversion from life’s harsh realities.

A to Z World Sports is part of the World Trade Press A to Z World Culture Series. Individual titles in the series focus on a specific cultural topic for the 175 countries covered and offer broad factual information, deep insight and thoughtful analysis. Throughout each volume, the list of topics and the depth of coverage for each country is consistent¾a great advantage when the reader needs information on smaller or less well-known countries. Furthermore, coverage goes far deeper than typical “scratch the surface” guidebooks. Content comes from the World Trade Press A to Z World Culture proprietary database, considered by thousands of public and academic libraries to be the most comprehensive cultural database in the world.