AtoZ the World Series


eBook: A to Z World Food and Recipes

175 Countries: Appetizers, Soups, Salads, Main Dishes, Side Dishes, Desserts, Beverages and Holiday Favorites
Pages: 405
ISBN: 1-60780-112-4
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eBook: A to Z World Holidays and Festivals

175 Countries: Holiday Calendar, Special Seasons, National Holiday Descriptions and Festival Descriptions
Pages: 706
ISBN: 1-60780-113-2
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eBook: A to Z World Lifecycles

175 Countries: Birth, Childhood, Coming of Age, Dating and Courtship, Marriage, Family and Parenting, Work Life, Old Age and Death
Pages: 651
ISBN: 1-60780-114-0
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eBook: A to Z World Points of Interest

175 Countries: Cultural Sites, Historic Sites, Museums, Architectural Landmarks, Religious Sites, Theme Parks, Parks, Gardens, Zoos, National Parks, Natural Sites
Pages: 419
ISBN: 1-60780-116-7
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eBook: A to Z World Religion

175 Countries: Religions of the Country, Basic Tenets, Religious Conflict, Secularism, Superstitions, Religious Clerics, State Regulations, Religion and Public Life, Holidays and Ceremonies, Government, Persecution, Tolerance, Protocols for Foreigners
Pages: 311
ISBN: 1-60780-117-5
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eBook: A to Z World Sports

175 Countries: Individual Sports Participation, Private Sports Clubs, School Sports, Professional Sports, Major Spectator Sporting Events
Pages: 410
ISBN: 1-60780-118-3
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eBook: A to Z World Superstitions and Folklore

175 Countries: Spirit Worship, Curses, Mystical Characters, Folk Tales, Burial and the Dead, Animals, Food, Marriage, Good Luck, Bad Luck, Totems and Amulets and Ancestor Spirits
Pages: 415
ISBN: 1-60780-119-1
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eBook: A to Z World Women in Culture and Business

175 Countries: Position in Society, Legal Rights, Education, Dating, Marriage, and Family, Health, Social Customs, Women in Professions, Women as Business Owners, and Foreign Businesswomen
Pages: 353
ISBN: 1-60780-120-5
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