Pub. Date: 2007
Pages: 176
Format: Softcover
File Size: 4.25"X7.5" (10.8X19.05)
SKU: 1-885073-71-2


Pocket Guide to Mobile Connectivity, 2nd Edition

Pocket Guide to Mobile Connectivity, 2nd Edition
More and more people travel the world with cell phones, laptop computers and PDAs than ever before. But it usually takes just one trip for reality to set in: protocols for telecommunications, cell communications and Internet and mobile connectivity vary from country to country.

The Pocket Guide to Mobile Connectivity provides worldwide solutions for:
  • Telecommunications
  • Cell Communications
  • Internet Connectivity
  • Mobile Connectivity
  • Satellite Telecommunications
  • Wi-Fi
  • International Dialing Guide
  • International Access and Dialing Codes
  • Cellular (Mobile) Phone Guide
  • GSM “World” Phones and SIM Cards
  • Cell Phone, Laptop Computer and PDA Travel Kits
  • Satellite Telephone Guide
  • Satellite Networks Worldwide (Coverage Maps)
  • Satellite Videophones
  • Internet Guide
  • Global Internet Roaming Services
  • E-Mail Forwarding
  • Web-Based E-Mail
  • Wi-Fi
  •  Data Security
  • Electric Converters/Transformers
  • Electric Plugs and Adapters
  • Modem Plugs and Adapters
  • 20 Problems & Solutions for Mobile Connectivity
  • Glossary of Computer, Wireless and Internet Terms
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