Pub. Date: 2007
Pages: 960
Format: Hardcover
File Size: 6.5"X9"
SKU: 1-885073-94-1


Myron Manley, Sibylla Putzi, et al.

Global Connect! 4th Edition

Indispensable to any corporate, public, travel or telecommunications library
Global Connect! is the world’s only truly comprehensive guide to international telecommunications, cell communications, Internet connectivity and mobile connectivity.

The result of more than five years of continuous research and development, no other reference comes close to
collecting and organizing the data required to make and receive calls from anywhere in the world.

Global Connect! helps users make international calls quickly and efficiently, stay connected via the Internet anywhere in the world and save time and money in the process.

Global Connect! contains 34 appendices of vital communications data plus 175 country listings. Each country listing is five to six large format pages, is highly organized and covers a consistent set of topics.

  • World’s largest and most comprehensive data set of telecommunications, cell communications and mobile connectivity (Internet, e-mail) information
  • Consistent coverage in all data categories for 175 countries
  • Vital telecommunications appendices – 34 total, including a 200+ term glossary, our indispensable 20 Problems/20 Solutions for Mobile Connectivity and our Guide to Electric and Phone Plugs
  • Exclusive content such as world’s largest collection of public telephone photos (including instructions)

  • Improves remote communications with employees, clients, family and friends
  • Saves money by helping you to dial international calls correctly the first time
  • Offers quick answers in emergency situations
  • Saves time and avoids frustration
  • Assists helpdesks and other support departments

Each country listing includes

  • Quick Start Dialing Guide 
  • Cell Phone Dialing Guide
  • Dialing Codes and Useful Numbers
  • Local Emergency Numbers for Police, Fire and Ambulance
  • Unusual Calling Features
  • How to Connect to the Internet
  • Local Internet Connect Numbers
  • Local ISPs
  • Local Internet Cafés
  • Cellular Service Providers
  • Illustrations of Electric and Modem Plugs
  • Public Telephone Photos and Instructions
  • Country GSM Coverage Map


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